It Often Starts with a Gurgle that Won't Stop Until You Jiggle the Handle

Man jiggles the handle hopefully

But jiggling that handle won't truly fix a sneaky but wasteful leak that leads to bigger water bills!

You could even be wasting thousands of gallons due to a virtually silent leak. Here's how to easily reveal it: remove the tank lid, then flush. As the tank refills, add several drops of dark food coloring to the tank water. Wait at least 20 minutes. If any trace of color appears in the toilet bowl, you have a leak.

Why not tackle the troublesome toilet now, during National Toilet Repair Month?

Toilet tank leaks are America's most common household plumbing repair according to Fluidmaster, the world's leading repair parts manufacturer. They say too many homeowners settle for a quick fix when they would benefit far more from a toilet "tune-up."

With little effort, non-professionals can perform a toilet tune-up by installing a new fill valve, flapper, tank lever/handle and water supply connector. It takes just over an hour and uses four replacement parts found in almost any hardware store or home center for a total cost of $20 or less.

A toilet tune-up is a wise use of time since the tank is already empty for even a single-part repair. It's a step beyond a minor repair, but the reward is years and years of quiet, efficient flushes. (NAPSI)

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