Baby Jane Hudson doll with its head broken open
Courtesy of w$treet, who thinks I Look like this

A Few Words of Wisdom
about Woodrow Wilson
from The World's Greatest Living American

Willie and Julie in Austin, Texas, mid-80sAs March parades past, Willie and Julie head Over the Pond to a different house.

Where in the World Are They?


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Lovely red hibiscus flower

Dack* and Jane's Bogus Adventure:
The Costa Rican Journal

A week-long trek through Costa Rica with an old friend from the 60s should be educational, entertaining, exciting, and, with any luck at all, enlightening, right?
Within 10 minutes we were on a bobsled to hell.

*not his real name

And, soon come,
from "the place you girls
call God Israel",

Cayman Classics

or Who Planted that First Condo Seed?

Tom Shaw!

Hillary Clinton, pensive

"I should talk to Baby Jane about this.
She's always made sense before..."

Christine April Hudson
Sydney Marie Hudson

Christy has her mouth closed to
PROVE it's really Sydney whistling.

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