PL/B Companion (formerly Databus Companion)

ver 4.00

PL/B Companion (formerly DATABUS Companion) assists Sunbelt Computer Systems' SUNDB86x programmers by providing additional tools and information for writing, testing, and debugging PL/B (DATABUS) applications.

Included are the following utilities written entirely in PL/B using the SUNDB86M compiler:

Validates ISAM index against text data file. Reports mismatches in keys, deleted records, etc. Ver 4 uses key specs placed in header by INDEX.
Analyzes AAM index. Used to understand AAM & to optimize AAM applications. Ver 4 supports ver 1 (63 Short) and ver 2 (95 long).
Analyzes text file. Record lengths, non-ASCII characters, end-of-file, etc. View, Search & Modify any file.
Learning & testing tool for PL/B instructions. Shows results & flag settings for many instructions

-- UTILITY ADDED in ver 4.0 --
Quickly reformats ver 1 AAM file to ver 2 format. Provided as source code for customization

PL/B Companion ver 4.00   $149.00 US

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